XC Children’s Christmas program Information

childrens christmas program


What?           Xenia Christian Elementary 2013 Christmas Cantata

Where?         The school auditorium

 When?          Thursday, December 19, 2013 at 1:00pm and again at 7:00pm.

 NOTE:  The ½ DAY TRANSITIONAL KINDERGARTEN will come in the afternoon             rather than having their morning class on 12/19/13.

 Who?             Every student in TK through grade five is included! Parents, friends, and relatives are warmly invited to attend. We have 600 seats and they are all free!

Our program will conclude with an explanation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how a person may begin trusting Him for forgiveness from sin and for salvation.

 REHEARSAL. We will invest Wednesday morning, December 18, from 8:15am until noon in a Complete Run Through. Hats must be worn for this Run Through, but no other costumes should until the Thursday of the program.

HELPERS NEEDED:  Possibly to help paint the canvas stage backdrop. TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT HELPING, CALL 352-1640!  THANK YOU!

 COSTUMES (see reverse of this page) will be worn to school all day on the Thursday of the program. However, students who for some reason are not able to participate in our program (see the Response Sheet) will wear the normal school uniform on that day. 


 *If reading an online version, be sure to scroll all the way to the end.

 COSTUMES make the program extra fun for the children.  Please do your best to have your student dress in suitable attire as listed below.  We will be delighted with any costuming you parents can come up with, as long as tops and hem lengths meet the school dress code.  It is not expected that you spend money, and if you get frustrated trying to get a costume together, call us or just go with school uniform clothes.

 Grades 1 & 2 – Theme:  Birthplace of Presidents. We want to look like politicians at a national convention.  Dress up as much as possible in ties (and suit coats if you have them).  Suspenders would also look great.  Girls and boys alike may wear this.  If girls would prefer something more feminine, they should wear a floor length dress with a high neckline such as an 18th or 19th century president’s wife would wear.  All boys and girls will be loaned a straw “political convention” hat to wear.  It would also look pretty cool if the boys were to have fake facial hair – drawn or 3-D.

 Grades 3 & 4 – Theme:  Birthplace of Aviation.  These students should try to look like Orville and Wilbur Wright might have looked in 1900.  The Collins school outfits that the fourth graders wore for their field trip would be an excellent look.  If possible, add a pair of goggles (to be worn on the head, not the eyes) and a silk neck scarf like old-time aviators wore.  It would also look pretty cool if the boys were to have fake facial hair – drawn or 3-D.

Grades 5 – Theme:  Birthplace of the National Football League.  We need a football look.  Athletic jerseys with numerals, including any team names would be great.  Wear sweatpants, jeans, or any long pants that look athletic or “outdoorsy.”  The school might put anti-glare cheekbone black on each “athlete.”  Headbands and sweatbands would be great, but no helmets.  A rolled up towel around the neck would also be a nice touch.  Girls may dress as described, or dress as cheerleaders.  Shorts are encouraged for the cheerleader look; you could also go with a skirt, but if you do the hem must be below the kneecap.  The cheerleader look could be enhanced by face paint or blush and colored hair ribbons.

Grades PreK and Kindergarten – Theme:  The Real Heart of it All – the Birthplace of the Savior.  Bible time costumes are appropriate, mainly the shepherd look.  This may be achieved with robes or perhaps adult trench coats tied at the waist with a rope, and a scarf or thin towel tied around the head.  Sandals or flip-flops would complete the look.

 Something to help you! In a few weeks you may be able to view clips of past performances of Ohio – A Great Place to Be Born (Again) on Mr. Colaner’s webpage. This could give you some costume ideas. Visit www.MusicBySpecialArrangement.com and navigate to XCE then to TK-5 General Music.

Children will be wearing their entire costumes to school on Thursday, December 19 for the 1:00pm matinee.

 RESPONSE SHEET for Ohio – A Great Place to Be Born (Again), Christmas 2013

Please sign and return this Response Sheet to your child’s classroom teacher by

Friday, November 8, 2013. If you have multiple children, return it to any of your children’s teachers.


PLEASE PRINT EACH CHILD’S NAME                                                            TEACHER’S NAME

 PARENT SIGNATURE:____________________________________________________________________


_____Our child/children will be present at BOTH of the performances on Thursday, December 19, 2013 barring personal illness or a true family emergency. We understand that participating students wear their costumes all day at school on the day of the performance. We will arrive for the evening performance no later than 6:45pm. (Students report to an assigned classroom in the Lincoln building. There will be signs on the classroom doors, and the children will have been told where to go.) WE’LL SEE YOU THERE!! (If you have more than one child and some of your children can come and some cannot, please note that beside each child’s name.  Otherwise we will assume that the entire family will be present.)

_____Our child/children cannot attend the December 19th evening program. Please excuse him/her from BOTH the afternoon matinee and evening performances. (If you have more than one child and some of your children can come and some cannot, please note that beside each child’s name. Otherwise we will assume that the entire family will be absent.)

WHY MUST WE KNOW IF YOU ARE PARTICIPATING?  Although the date for this program has been announced in each monthly Parent Page, and although our two yearly programs are part of our required music curriculum, we do realize that some families may not be able to make it to the evening performance for one reason or another. 

However, students must promise to participate in the evening performance to be allowed to join us for the afternoon matinee. We regret that this rule is necessary, but the last time that we did not enforce such a rule, over 10% of our students failed to appear for the evening performance, many without warning us in advance.

Most people have never tried to plan an activity that coordinates hundreds of children, but perhaps you can imagine how a personnel change of 10% – with or without advance warning – creates confusion and frustration for those who do appear for the evening performance. 

To avoid this problem, we want the two performances, the matinee and the evening, to have the same children on stage each time. We expect every child to do his or her best to attend. But if for some reason, singing with the class in the evening performance is impossible, then the child may not perform in the matinee either.

Christmas Program 2013 XC  Printable copy

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