Math Olympics is coming soon! Must register by Jan. 17th to participate

math olympics

Hi Families!

The Math Olympics (3rd-8th grade) is coming soon.  The Math Olympics will be held at the Dayton Christian Campus on Thursday, February 20th am hours.  If your child is interested in participating and committed to attending we must have their registration by this Friday, January 17th.  

Your Student must pick either Arithmetic Computation OR Mathematical Reasoning.  See details below for description.

  • Areas of Competition
    • Arithmetic Computation: Problems will be of the paper/pencil computation variety (fundamental operations).
    • Mathematical Reasoning: These paper/pencil problems will be more difficult than the daily mathematics assignments of the students’ grade level. They could involve more than one operation and/or concept and could require a high level of reasoning (story problems, patterns, puzzles, etc.)

Math Olympics are a series of timed tests.  ACSI Math Olympics are a series of timed tests, or rounds, with a short break between rounds.  Students tests are mailed to ACSI and scored by ACSI.  Results of placement will be given at a later date.  There is no direct interaction between students.  It is an individual, paper test completed in pencil with NO calculator usage.

  • Math Olympics is for 3rd-8th grade: 4 tests per grade, 11 minutes each

Please complete the below form to register for Math Olympics.  Registering for Math Olympics is a commitment and your student will be expected to attend Math Olympics on Thursday, February 20, 2014 once registered.  DCSS Homeschool pays the registration fee for students in attendance at Math Olympics as part of our program offerings.   

5 responses

  1. Can you resend the link to the form?

    Hannah wants to do mathematical reasoning and Karena is still thinking about it.


    1. the form is at the bottom of the post about math olympics. it has a space for name, email, grade, and category. it is an online form that you will complete. thanks!

  2. I am a member of a homeschool organization in Virginia. I would like to know more about this competition to see if we could host one.

    1. We are able to participate because we are joined to an ACSI school. You would need to check with them to see how to organize your own event. Please let us know if you have any other questions. Have a great day!

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