Hi DCSS Homeschool Families!

Yesterday the Advancement Office of Dayton Christian School System sent an email to all current DCSS families which started the process of unwrapping the Homeschool SURPRISES for the 2014-2015 academic year.

In keeping with our mission, the Homeschool Team has developed an impressive display of homeschool opportunities to support our families as they educate at home, but not alone!

  • Tuition – Good stewardship is our priority.  We worked hard this year to maximize our offerings while keeping costs low, passing on the value to our Homeschool families.  The K-8 Homeschool tuition did not increase for the 2014-2015 year, and we budgeted for growth to include 220 students!  Word of mouth is our best form of advertisement, and when your referral converts into an admission, you and the referred family receive a $100 referral bonus!  Please share with your friends the great experiences you have had with Dayton Christian Homeschool!
  • Curriculum – One size does not fit all.  For years DCSS Homeschool provided curriculum to Homeschool families similar to what was offered on campus.  The DC and XC campuses have been aggressively updating their on-campus curriculum, resulting in an increasing disparity between on-campus curriculum and Homeschool curriculum.  Additionally, several subjects 
    of the Homeschool curriculum are outdated and workbooks are no longer available to order.  Our Homeschool team has prayed, researched, and brainstormed, and we continue to grapple with the following questions:
  • Do we increase tuition to cover the exorbitant costs to purchase new curriculum for each family?
  • Do we decide on one  “best” curriculum for each family and each student?

We strongly believe the answer to both questions is NO…we want to keep tuition low to allow our families the freedom to use their money on the curriculum they choose for their students.  We know that even within the same family, students may have varying curriculum needs.  A key benefit to home schooling is having flexibility to teach students according to the way they learn rather than a “one size fits all” approach.

So what curriculum will be offered through Homeschool?

  1. All student texts and teacher’s editions in the Homeschool Library are still available for use.  We will not be providing workbooks for the curriculum, as some workbooks are no longer available.
  2. We are partnering with CBD, Christian Book Distributors, to provide our Homeschool curricular recommendations.  We will provide an electronic bookstore where families can select their curriculum and have it shipped directly from CBD to their home.  Susan Ebert, our Curriculum Coordinator, along with the Academic Advisors, will provide lists of recommended curriculum customized to various learning styles, in addition to offering curricular support with annual educational planning.
  3. Expanded online curriculum offerings:
    •  Alpha Omega Ignitia offering (3rd-8th grades)
      • Full curriculum option ($425)
      • Individual subjects ($98/subject)
    • Bob Jones Online Distance Learning (K-8th grades)
      • Individual subjects ($98/subject + book fee)
  • EXCEL  – We offer rich and strong opportunities through EXCEL:
    • 17 total EXCEL days, generally occurring on the 1st & 3rd Fridays of the month, for no additional charge

We are dedicated to finding and providing high quality Christ-centered opportunities for home school families!  It is our joy and passion to serve your family, and we pray for the opportunity to partner with you in the upcoming 2014-2015 academic year.

As always, please feel free to call or email, or stop in our office anytime!

Thankful to be serving you,


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