EXCEL 1St and 2nd period Speech Parents/STUDENTS

Hello Parents of Speech
Communication Students,Over the past couple of EXCELs, we have been discussing persuasion and using discernment as we process all of the messages around us.  We have analyzed commercials, discussed propaganda and learned Aristotle’s persuasive appeals of ethos, pathos and logos.  Our upcoming speech project is to create a commercial.  Since our classes were abbreviated last week due to the parties, I wanted to send out the guidelines for this project:Each student will create a 30 second commercial for a product or service of his/her choosing.  Sibling pairs in class MAY combine their time and create a commercial together.  You may perform your commercial ‘live’, or you may create an audio OR video recording.  If creating a video, you must e-mail the file to me prior to class atCheryl.cranehuth@gmail.com.  I will have a ‘boombox’ and a set of Bluetooth speakers for anyone who wants to do ‘audio only’ or have background music. Bring a prop or be ready to demonstrate the product or service you are presenting.Use one or more of Aristotle’s persuasive appeals:Ethos – Ethical appeal (trustworthiness) – For example, a dentist recommending a certain brand of toothpaste…Uses credible spokespeople/experts to make argument.Pathos – Emotional appeal –
For example, a choosy mother chooses Jif peanut butter for her children…Uses feelings, relationships, music, etc. to make argument.Logos – Logical appeal – For example, blind taste test or 4 out of 5 people prefer Progresso soup to Campbells…Uses statistics/proof to make argument.
Have FUN and be CREATIVE!
 7th-8th Grade – Commercials will be presented at this upcoming EXCEL – February 28
4th-6th Grade – Commercials will be presented at the EXCEL on March 14

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