DC Middle School Track and Field

track and field

DC Middle School (5th-8th grade) Track and Field!

Dear Track & Field Parents,

I am very excited for this Track and Field Season; I have been looking forward to it for quite some time. I understand that this initial letter is coming a bit late. I would like to apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. Practice will start March 17th at 3:15. We will begin conditioning at the school, and then move to the track later in the season. Practice will end at 5:00 to 5:30. The end time will vary depending on the requirements of the day. I will be keeping parents and students informed about the end times.

For your athlete to be successful in track he or she will need a few items. Each athlete is required to have a water bottle. Running shoes are also important. I would recommend new shoes; this will cut down on injuries to the legs and feet. A wrist stopwatch will allow the athlete to keep track of his or her times, and their improvements at practice. This is not required, but highly suggested. The last thing that your athlete will need is warm clothing. We will be practicing outside no matter the weather, sunshine, rain or cold temperatures.  All athletes should come prepared to train outside. This means they should bring warm clothes to change into after school. I recommend layering clothes. It is always easy to take a layer off when you are hot, but if you are cold and you have nothing else to put on, you will remain cold. I also recommend bringing an extra set of clothes when rain is in the forecast. Your athlete will want to get into some dry cloths as soon as possible after practice. This also goes for meet days as well; there are only a few reasons why a meet will be canceled. Rain and cold weather is not one of them, so always be prepared.

Spikes, this is an item that I would recommend for the sprinters (100 meters to 400 meters) to wear; however, it is not mandatory that sprinters wear spikes. Distance runners (800 meters to the 2 miles) can wear spikes as well, but it is not crucial. There are also special shoes for throwers that are also recommended.

The 2014 DCMS Coaching Staff

Coach Jon Slider will be the distance coach. He also was the assistant coach from our cross country team. Jon is a DC alumni; he ran Cross Country while at Dayton Christian. He currently is the associate pastor at NorthGate Church, in Dayton.

Miss Katie Carl will be coaching the distance crew along with Coach Jon. Katie is the Special Education Coordinator at Dayton Christian and a frequent runner. She also was an assistant coach on the Junior High Cross team this past year.

Mrs. Brooke Fett, coach’s wife, will be helping with the throwing crew. Brooke is the 5th & 6th grade intervention specialist at the Middle School. She has also helped with many Indiana Wesleyan University Track and Field meets. She will be in charge of recording the student’s throws, and doing playbacks for them.  She will be teaming up with Coach Kyle Abney.

Coach Kyle Abney is DC Alumni class of 2009. After graduating, Coach Kyle attended Indiana Wesleyan University where he was a member of the Track and Field Team; he threw both the shot and Discus. After graduation Kyle was asked to remain on staff and coach the throwing team at IWU. Kyle has graciously agreed to team coach with us from afar. What that means is he critique / will advice our athletes via video.

Coach Tyler Fett:  will work diligently with the sprinters. The sprinters will be working on everything from starting blocks to how to properly cross the finish line. I have run both high school and college level Track and Field. I have coached Track and Field while living in Indianapolis, but this will be my first year here at DC. I also coached the Middle Schools cross country team and had a wonderful season. I believe we have a really strong coaching staff, and are ready for the season to start.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at tyler_fett@yahoo.com. That is the email that I check constantly and will respond to you with as soon as possible. I am looking forward to meeting all of you soon.

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