DC and XC Feed the Need Packing Parties and Impact on Schedules

Xenia Christian Feed the NEED!   Monday, March 31st 8:30 am -2:00 pm (shifts available).  Please RSVP to rtaylor@daytonchristian.com or reply to this blog post.  Please tell the half hour increments that you would like to help and the number of helpers.
  • Students will rotate by class section over to the Schindler Banquet Center (where the packing will take place) during different class periods.  Only 55 of our over 300 students will be involved in packing meals during any given class period.
  •  Participants MUST watch the video prior to packing.  Talking about food safety and other details!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fG0-J7u23FQ
·         The bell schedule for 6th-12th grades for the day is:
            8:15-8:30         Auditorium
            8:35-9:30         1st period class
            9:35-10:30       2nd period class
            10:35-11:30     3rd period class
            11:35-12:30     4th period class
            12:30-1:00       Lunch
            1:05-2:00         7th period class
            2:05-3:00         8th period class
·         Yes, you are correct.  5th and 6th period classes will not be held on Monday.  Please note… 5th period and 6th period classes will NOT be held on Monday.  To accommodate the Feed the Need packing schedule, our 8 period day was converted into 6 periods (dropping classes held 5th and 6th period) which stretch over the entire school day.  This creates more time for the students to spend packing each period by making the periods 55 minutes long.
·         If you would like to see the master schedule for the day… it is attached.  Classes highlighted in yellow are the only classes packing during the different time periods.  If you can’t make sense of it, that’s ok.  We believe we know what we’re doing. 🙂

Dayton Christian Feed the Need Packing Parties

Tuesday, April 1st from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm (shifts of 30 minutes)  Please RSVP to Ruth at rtaylor@daytonchristian.com or comment to this blog entry the time(s) that you would like to help and the NUMBER of helpers.  Last shift will end about 2:45pm.

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