Friendship Parties at EXCEL – 2/20/15

 Friendship parties on Friday, February 20th

Parties will be held at the end of the EXCEL day from 1:00-2:00 pm.  Parties often include craft, game, food, and tons of fun! Each grade (1st-8th) has a teacher assigned to help facilitate, but parents plan and stay for the whole party. Kindergarten needs two parent volunteers to help with the party. If you are available to help, please sign up at this link: Parent Volunteers, please sign in with Julie Barton (EXCEL security at the desk near the gym entrance) before heading upstairs to the classrooms. If your student would like to bring an item and the signups are full, feel free to bring an item to add to the fun.

Valentine’s may be addressed to “Friend” and signed with student’s name. This will allow for ease of distribution.

For your planning purposes, the facilitating teacher, the room number, and the number of students in each grade is provided below:

Kindergarten  Mrs. Comer and Mrs.Isaacs

Room 226/Gym

20 children
1st grade  Mrs. Ebert and Mrs. Walker

Room 200

18 children
2nd grade  Mrs. Lee

Room 210

9 children
3rd grade  Mrs. Wilson

Room 215

13 children
4th grade  Mr. Wells

Room 220

17 children
5th grade  Mrs. Huth

Room 217

19 children
6th grade  Mrs. Blair & Mrs. Cook

Room 218

22 children
7th & 8th grade  Mrs. Griffin

Room 223

17 youth

2 responses

  1. Should my kids make a box for the cards to go into to bring to Excel? I just got a note that the kindergarteners would be making a bag in class so they didn’t need to bring one in, so that got me thinking about my older 2 kiddos. Just wanted to make sure they were prepared. 🙂

    Thanks, Kristin


    1. Students in grades 1-8 are more than welcome to create a box at home. However, bags will still be available for all students who do not bring a box with them. Either way is perfectly fine.

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