Announcing Exciting Academy News!


Hybrid Learning– The perfect blend of learning online, at home, in class

DC Homeschool is excited to announce the Science Academy Class is piloting a new Hybrid Learning program available through BJU Press that includes an online component utilizing streaming lessons and facilitation of tests. This option  provides an additional way for students to engage with concepts, in addition to a traditional textbook model and weekly class.  The weekly class meeting will include discussions,  activities, lab experiments and field trips.  Students will be challenged to study God’s handiwork revealed through His creation.  This course will include the study of geology, rock and minerals, water, the atmosphere, oceanography, hydrology and space exploration.  We know your middle school students will benefit from this additional learning opportunity!

EXCEL Academy Information

For grades 7 & 8

DC Homeschool EXCEL Academy offers biblically-integrated curriculum and instruction in Science, Writing and Literature to students in grades 7 & 8. EXCEL Academy increases academic rigor and accountability to solidly prepare students for high school expectations and standards. Weekly meetings extend learning to foster additional academic, personal and social growth.  Two exceptional, certified teachers will be teaching at EXCEL Academy this year. Heather Collier, whom many of you know as an advisor and friend, will be using IEW’s Middle Ages History Based Lessons, Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization and selected literature to teach this course that provides a complete and rigorous year of English instruction. Kim Baird will be returning to teach Science using Bob Jones Earth Science curriculum.  Mrs. Baird, a veteran homeschool mom, advisor and teacher, is passionate about instilling students with both a love of learning and science. We are so fortunate to have these highly qualified teachers investing in our EXCEL Academy students!

The details:

* The Academy is offered to students in grades 7-8

*  Academy students will attend class 4 times per month, twice per month at EXCEL and two additional Fridays per month. All EXCEL classes will meet at Patterson Park Church from 9:30 – 2:30. All Academy-only classes meet at Dayton Christian School from 9:30-2.

*  On EXCEL days, students will attend Academy English and Science class and choose two other electives.

* On Academy-only Fridays, students will attend English class from 9:30-11:30,  and Science class from 12 – 2.

* Only Academy students will be enrolled in Academy English and Science classes on EXCEL days.

* A sample EXCEL class schedule for an Academy student might look like this: Period 1: Worship band, Period 2: Academy Writing, Period 3: Academy Science Period 4: Art.

Class Fees:

* EXCEL fees are included in the annual tuition.

* Academy fees are $300 for the year. *

* Academy class fees will appear on your 2016-2017 statement from DCS Finance Office.

* Additional book/supply fees will apply.

For more information or to register: Please email Krystal Cox at and provide your child’s name and grade.

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