Re-enroll for 2017-18 & save $50 per student!

Thank you to the many that have already re-enrolled in Dayton Christian Homeschool for 2017-2018. We know there are many good educational options available and are so thankful you choose DC Homeschool!

We would love to again partner with your family for the 2017-2018 school year.  Re-enrolling by March 13th will save you $50 per student and will also allow us to continue planning for the upcoming year.

The re-enrollment process has been streamlined this year to be quick and easy in DC Connect. Simply login to your parent DC Connect account (First time users, see below), read and “sign” (type) the Continuous Enrollment (Re-Enrollment) Agreement and pay the re-enrollment fee via credit card. To access the re-enrollment agreement, simply click on the yellow banner near the top of the page that says, “You have: 1 (or more) Contract(s) to Accept.”

First Time Login Instructions for DC Connect:

1. Go to in any web browser. (Or click on the photo above.)

2. Click on “Forgot Login or First Time Logging In.”

3. Enter your email address and select the boxes by “Username” and “Password,” then select Send.

4. If prompted on the next screen, enter your first and last name, then select Send again.

5. The system will email you your username and (in a separate email) a password reset link. Once you click on the password reset link you will be able to set your own password and then login. Note: The password reset URL times out after two hours, so you must reset the password within that time.

6. You are now logged in. Enjoy DC Connect!

After your initial login, please remember to use your username and not your email address to login.

If you need further assistance, please email for support help.

If you need assistance with the re-enrollment process, please contact the DC Admissions office at 291-7218.


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