FREE Online Science Class – Build Your Own Robot

Aurora Lipper – Supercharged Science

This Thursday, August 3, 2017, I’m giving a live online class on Robots and Robot Building, and wanted to invite you to attend for free.


Your kids will learn about Electricity, Magnetism, gears, pulleys, motors and LOTS more.


Plus, during the class your kids will do hands-on experiments including building a robot!


You can register here for free

If you’ve participated in my free online classes before, you know how cool they are (over 1,000 families registered for the last one I gave).

 If you’re new to them, I’d like to invite you to participate for free.

  If you want your kids to understand how robots work and why they are such an important part of our future, you’ll want to share this class with your kids.

  1.  If you’re interested in ANY of the following, then this is for you:
     Taking your kids from bored (or even playing video games) to excited and engaged in educational science projects that they can do on their own.
  2. Not worrying if you don’t know a thing about science. (Just follow what I show you step-by-step!)
  3. Having your kids learn about Robotics and Robot Building…
  •  I’ll guide your kids through building a working robot and give them plans for several more.
  • Your kids will be so totally excited about building these projects that they won’t realize they’re learning solid academics at the same time.

  • They’ll learn how robots work using electricity, motors, gears, pulleys, wheels, pneumatics and hydraulics.  (Don’t worry – no need for you to know a thing about this stuff yourself.)
  • If your kid is more academic than athlete, you’ll learn how community robotics teams are now run like sports teams, but for kids who like science & technology (plus learn real-world hands-on STEM skills).  Did you know there are over 3000 teams like this worldwide your child can join?
  • How new robots will help do everything from finding cures for diseases to fighting fires to exploring Mars.
  • And, of course, we’ll learn about the robotic self-driving cars that have been talked about so much recently.

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