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High School – Hybrid Enrollment

The options parents must consider when making decisions about their child’s high school experience are endless. Should you home school? Use a virtual school? Go to college in high school? How can my child play sports? Be in a play? Walk at graduation? Attend a school formal? Get a diploma? The questions are endless!

Dayton Christian Homeschool wants to help you navigate this journey.

 Dayton Christian Homeschool offers unique Hybrid options to families who want the best of both worlds: to continue home educating in high school and have access to the opportunities a traditional high school offers. Through Dayton Christian Homeschool students can take up to 3 credits, plus J-term, and earn either a Dayton Christian High School diploma or a Homeschool Diploma, depending on your child’s goals.

Helpful Resources when considering DC Homeschool Hybrid Enrollment:

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Hybrid Tuition & Fees

2017-2018 DCHS Course Catalog

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Ignitia High School Courses

Ohio’s Graduation Requirements

Home Education in Ohio

CCP for Home School Families

Independent Study Application

If we can assist you further, please feel free to contact the Homeschool Office at 937-291-7240.



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