On-Campus Electives

On-Campus Electives

Kindergarten through 8th grade DC Homeschool students have the privilege to attend On-Campus electives at Dayton Christian School.  Students must be signed in and out in the main office.  Students must be in campus specific uniform.  Attendance policies apply to DC Homeschool students.  Drop/Adds of an On-Campus elective must occur within two weeks of the start of the course.  If course is dropped, additional courses may not be added for the reminder of the semester.

K-4 DC Homeschool students may take two On-Campus elective offerings.

Lunch and Chapel opportunities include Lunch (K-6 with parent, 7/8th grade with permission by principal), Chapel (K-6 with parent, 7/8th grade with permission by principal). Recess activity is not permitted.

Please review the On-campus Elective Guidelines

Elective Schedules for 2017-2018:

Not yet available

If you would like to sign up your student for an on-campus elective, please email Krystal Cox at kcox@daytonchristian.com with your class selections.  The homeschool office will coordinate the class registrations with the on-campus principals.  Have a great day!

Dress Code information can be found here: https://dcsshomeschooltogether.wordpress.com/2015/08/17/on-campus-electives-dress-code-reminder/

Please report absences to the homeschool office at 937-291-7240.

Elementary Schedules for 2-hour delay and early dismissal:  On days when there is a 2-hour delay, morning Elementary electives will be cancelled.  On days with a 2-hour early dismissal, please follow the schedule below.

Elementary 2-Hour Early Dismissal Electives Schedule

1st Period             8:15-8:45

2nd Period           8:48-9:18

3rd Period            9:21-9:51

4th Period            9:54-10:40

Lunch                    10:45-11:15

6th Period            11:18-11:42

7th Period            11:45-12:15

8th Period            12:18-12:45

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