ACSI Student Activities

Dayton Christian Homeschool is pleased to offer the following ACSI Student Activities opportunities to its students.

ACSI Student Activities enhance learning beyond the classroom by equipping Christian schools and educators while challenging students toward God-honoring applications of their leadership skills, fine art talents, and academic abilities.

Program Objectives

  • To provide incentives for students to develop skills necessary for Christian leadership.
  • To facilitate students’ learning process.
  • To help develop the skills to be an effective communicator.
  • To provide a gauge to determine how effectively each school has prepared students in these activities.
  • To provide a degree of competition to develop participants’ composure and confidence.
  • To provide for a time of fun and fellowship with other Christian young people.

DC Homeschool will be conducting these activities at or after EXCEL.


The ACSI Spelling Bee is not an exercise in memorization but in spelling abilities. Proper and confident communication skills are encouraged while students also develop vocabulary and accurate word usage.

The preliminary round, held at EXCEL, is conducted by a paper and pencil test during homeroom. No preparation is required. The top spellers from each grade level will proceed to the District Spelling Bee, held on January 28, 2017 at Dayton Christian School.

Grade level competitions are held in individual rooms for grades 1–8. This is followed by a spell-off (or final round) for the top four winners for grades 5–8. The top five spellers from the final round competition qualify for the Regional Spelling Bee

The regional bee joins the winners from each of the Mid-America district level events to participate in a similar competition, with the top five qualifying to participate at ACSI’s highest level-the national spelling bee. This year’s national competition returns to Washington DC.


The Math by Mail is a mail-in activity for ACSI member schools designed to stimulate an interest in mathematics and to recognize the achievements of students in mathematics. The actual testing is done within your own school, and score sheets are then mailed to the host sites for tabulation and determination of awards. For more information, please visit:


The ACSI Elementary (grade 1-6) & Junior High (grades 7-8) Speech Meets are designed to help students in develop techniques to speak audibly, articulately, expressively, and with poise and confidence. Students demonstrate their ability by delivering a memorized poem, speech, or passage. Contestants do not compete against one another; rather, they are judged against an established set of criteria.

The preliminary speech meet will be held after EXCEL on January 13. The top presenters from the elementary grade levels will proceed to the District Speech Meet, held on Saturday, April 1, 2017 at Legacy Christian academy in Xenia.

The top presenters from the junior high grade levels will proceed to the District Speech Meet, held on Friday, April 7, 2017 at Middletown Christian School.

ELEMENTARY SPEECH MEET: For more information and to see sample speeches, please visit:

JUNIOR HIGH SPEECH MEET: For more information and to see sample speeches, please visit:


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